Track Work

at the 

Danbury Railway Museum


This track work project began on Friday, Nov. 15th and was completed on Sunday, Nov. 17th, 2002.   

The temperatures in Danbury were in the 40's, it was windy and it rained on and off, all three days.

Over 120 spikes were driven by hand.

All work was performed by volunteers. 




On Friday, 39 feet of rail and all the supporting ties were removed, 9 additional ties were removed from the adjacent length of track.  Then, later  on Friday and on Saturday, ballast and ties were put in place and the rails were replaced. 


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On Sunday, the ties and tracks were leveled, ballast tamped, track bolts tightened and the gage was set. Later, the RS1 locomotive was test run over the new section.  


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