An Early 1900's

Wooden Caboose

Donated to the

Danbury Railway Museum

by the

Connecticut Railroad Historical Society

Originally Built for the NYC&HR RR

  (Pictures taken on Nov. 10th, 2002 in Canaan, CT.)



The Caboose will be hauled to the Museum by truck, but first it must be moved a few  hundred feet to a location where the riggers can lift it.  

This Caboose has not been moved for many many years!

Brakes had to be freed-up, bearings polished and oiled and track had to be repaired before we could roll it. 

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After several hours of work and several minutes of excitement, the caboose is almost in place.

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A few final adjustments...

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...And this phase of the job is done.

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Now Comes the Day of the Move!

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And Finally the Caboose is at it's

 New Home in Danbury!


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