Unfortunately I have not had time to write up all the history associated with these photos.  Even more important is the credit that should be given to those who "Made This All Happen".   I hope to get to this soon, so check back often.  In the mean time, enjoy the pictures.

Click here for a brief listing of project milestones while at the Danbury Railway Museum.


 Budd_Yard_060595.JPG (129882 bytes) Budd_0995_a.JPG (98768 bytes) Budd_0995_b.JPG (104820 bytes)

Budd2net.JPG (82394 bytes) Budd1net.JPG (86599 bytes)

Early Shots of the Budd Car at the DRM.  



Budd_Diaphragm_0896.JPG (87356 bytes) Budd_Diaphagm_1096.JPG (118657 bytes)

Diaphragms Being Removed



nancy.JPG (41820 bytes) Budd_Inside.JPG (147718 bytes)

Budd_John_C_0498_a.JPG (107498 bytes) Budd_John_C_0498.JPG (115806 bytes)  Budd3net.JPG (151880 bytes)  

Then some work needed to be done...  ...And Nancy showed up!



Budd_Window_a.JPG (116657 bytes) Budd_Window_b.JPG (107753 bytes) Budd_Window_c.JPG (96022 bytes)

  The First New Windows is Installed   (Late August, 1996)



Budd_Bruce_Floor_0501a.JPG (92323 bytes) Budd_Bruce_Floor_0501b.JPG (82857 bytes) Budd_Bruce_Floor_0501c.JPG (87040 bytes)

Budd_Bruce_Floor_0701d.JPG (92472 bytes)

    Bruce Lays in the New Tile Floor       (May 2001)   



Budd_Seats_0801a.JPG (105960 bytes) Budd_Seats_0801b.JPG (114861 bytes) Budd_Seats_0801c.JPG (118214 bytes)

      Original Type Seats Being Installed      (August 2001)



 bruce.JPG (32777 bytes)    joe.JPG (22717 bytes)

And Bruce and Joe Came to the Rescue!  And what you see below would not have happened without the combined efforts all three of them.



The "Budd Car's Trial Run" (November 2000)


Budd_champ_bottle_brake.JPG (95817 bytes)

budd_web_217.JPG (115302 bytes)budd_web_218.jpg (110173 bytes)budd_web_220.JPG (144494 bytes)budd_web_221.JPG (120861 bytes)budd_web_222.JPG (105234 bytes)budd_web_223.JPG (111746 bytes)budd_web_225.JPG (118573 bytes)budd_web_229.JPG (148578 bytes)budd_web_230.JPG (94591 bytes)budd_web_232.JPG (146311 bytes)budd_web_234.JPG (128030 bytes)budd_web_235.JPG (141544 bytes)budd_web_237.JPG (136840 bytes)budd_web_238.JPG (103940 bytes)budd_web_242.JPG (131249 bytes)budd_web_243.JPG (140886 bytes)budd_web_244.JPG (129702 bytes)budd_web_245.JPG (143613 bytes)budd_web_246.JPG (133359 bytes)budd_web_247.JPG (136778 bytes)budd_web_248.JPG (147942 bytes)budd_web_250.JPG (133387 bytes)budd_web_251.JPG (140338 bytes)budd_web_252.JPG (114814 bytes)budd_web_253.JPG (118522 bytes)budd_web_254.JPG (100149 bytes)budd_web_255.JPG (117524 bytes)budd_web_257.JPG (137722 bytes)budd_web_258.JPG (131384 bytes)budd_web_259.JPG (121995 bytes)budd_web_260.JPG (128852 bytes)budd_web_261.JPG (132576 bytes)budd_web_262.JPG (90557 bytes)budd_web_263.JPG (86486 bytes)budd_web_264.JPG (75637 bytes)budd_web_265.JPG (92313 bytes)budd_web_266.JPG (90933 bytes)





An Afternoon Ride in the Budd Car   (26-January-2002)


MVC-609F.JPG (186928 bytes)

MVC-564F.JPG (232419 bytes) MVC-565F.JPG (261988 bytes) MVC-566F.JPG (264451 bytes) MVC-567F.JPG (268050 bytes)

MVC-583F.JPG (181706 bytes) MVC-584F.JPG (173263 bytes) MVC-588F.JPG (251560 bytes) MVC-589F.JPG (214582 bytes)

 MVC-590F.JPG (231161 bytes) MVC-591F.JPG (232988 bytes) MVC-592F.JPG (219251 bytes)

MVC-606F.JPG (198782 bytes) MVC-607F.JPG (197510 bytes)

MVC-600F.JPG (180784 bytes) MVC-601F.JPG (187777 bytes) MVC-602F.JPG (212815 bytes) MVC-603F.JPG (172908 bytes)

MVC-604F.JPG (194225 bytes) MVC-605F.JPG (199263 bytes)

MVC-608F.JPG (215808 bytes)


The Rebuilding of Engine No. 2

On August 10, 2002, a dedicated crew headed by Nancy Sniffen began the task of replacing the Number 2 engine.  Bruce Van Wyk, Skip Kern, Randy Natale and John Andrews each dedicated 8 hours per day, on Saturday and Sunday, for 4 weekends!  Also helping were Dan Carleton, John Geigle, Bob Andrews and Dave Roberts.  

The Budd Company Built an engine dolly that allows a complete power unit (engine and transmission) to be rolled in or out from under the RDC.

On September 1st, 2002, the replacement engine installation, with a rebuilt head, was complete and the engine was started for the first time in 12 years.  

Once again, the RDC-32 is running with two engines.  


BuddEng01.jpg (42520 bytes) BuddEng02.jpg (41651 bytes) BuddEng03.jpg (42871 bytes)

The existing (sick) engine is pulled out.
Skip Kern, Dave Roberts, John Geigle, Bruce Van Wyk, Ira Pollock



BuddEng04.jpg (52580 bytes) BuddEng05.jpg (44260 bytes) BuddEng06.jpg (46679 bytes)

Full Power Unit, 4200 Lbs.
Inspection By: Bruce Van Wyk and Skip Kern



BuddEng07.jpg (47574 bytes) BuddEng08.jpg (50838 bytes) BuddEng09.jpg (51009 bytes)

Positioning the power unit back on the ground.
Bruce Van Wyk and Skip Kern
Onlooker from Ira's crew watches. 



BuddEng10.jpg (55738 bytes) BuddEng11.jpg (53429 bytes) BuddEng12.jpg (50932 bytes)

The 6-110 engine block clean with all new seals and gaskets.
Final Inspection of the head by Bruce Van Wyk and John Andrews.


BuddEng13.jpg (40444 bytes) BuddEng14.jpg (39003 bytes)

Bruce Van Wyc Reinstalling the head on the block.
The head alone weighs 300 Lbs.



BuddEng16.jpg (40072 bytes) BuddEng17.jpg (41809 bytes)

Final valve adjustments
Bruce Van Wyk and John Andrews.



BuddEng18.jpg (44581 bytes) BuddEng19.jpg (39559 bytes) BuddEng20.jpg (57207 bytes) BuddEng21.jpg (53904 bytes)

The 6-110 power unit back together, is brought over to the RDC-32 and positioned on the engine dolly.
Bruce Van Wyk and John Andrews.



BuddEng22.jpg (51728 bytes) BuddEng23.jpg (50646 bytes)

A few grunts later and the power unit is back under the RDC, ready to be hooked up.
Bruce Van Wyk, John Andrews and Randy Natale.



BuddEng24.jpg (44801 bytes) BuddEng25.jpg (40926 bytes)

The Clean Up.   The dolly is put away.
Skip Kern, Bruce Van Wyk and Randy Natale.



BuddEng26.jpg (41218 bytes) BuddEng27.jpg (40587 bytes)

The RDC-32 Trial Run

Once Again with 2 Engines.























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